Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ChipSociety - one more poker social network

Social networks are opened almost daily. One of them survive through years while others die or is lefto in agony for some time. Actually I do not know if ChipSociety will stand against its powerful competitors. So far it seems to have only fake members and 0 blogs. Even admin does not write here, so who will be the first? ;)

Quite nice features are not used well. For example CHipSociety has got internal groops by brand fans and events. They can be helpful for lots of members, but when I see 50 members it is obvious, that there is nothiung to do in any of the groups.

How the situation can be changed? Just hard work gathering some members. I would organize a few contests with a possibility to win $50 for best comment, blog and most active week in groups. Some people would take that chance to earn some mone. Others who come in accidentaly will immediately notice, that this poker social network is active and would register.

Also there should be some announcements in social media, asking some most popular bloggers to review the social network (not for free if they get confused about the quality of the site). There are plenty of other actions which can be taken to promote ChipSociety and make it one of the best poker social networks.

Now it looks like it is dying :(

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